15 years as a Chartered Accountant working in businesses from Mom and Pop sized to billions
10 years running my own bricks and mortar yoga studio
14 running a private massage therapy practice
Coaching... probably my whole life!

Over 20 years in the wellness space - Teaching yoga, Personal Trainer, Certified Mediation Facilitator, Registered Massage Therapist, and more!
13 years guiding kayak trips on Georgian Bay
Coaching... probably my whole life!

My Story

Meet Heather

Meet Heather

An eternal student of life and recovering accountant who loves everything wellness with a passion for teaching and helping others find how to be their best selves.

My Yin Side

My Yang Side

I am just a regular person and I have definitely learned a few things along my journey!

I spent my first career in the world of corporate finance.
I worked as a CPA-CA for 15 years in various companies and roles learning the ins and outs of businesses who are thriving and those who are barely hanging on.

I have to say that deep down I was just not happy - I was paid well, I liked my co-workers, my staff were amazing... but I was not feeling like this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Something was missing!
So I quit... just like that. I walked away from a career that took me years to achieve - but sometimes I'm crazy like that!

While I was still in my high stress job I had been taking yoga after work as stress release and had actually started teaching yoga on the encouragement of my friend and yoga teacher... so when I left the corporate world I jumped in and went full blast into the health and wellness space.

Yoga, personal training, meditation, massage therapy…
I loved it all but I knew a piece was still missing!

I could help so much more! All of these things only scratched the surface of how I could help people...then I discovered coaching!

Coaching was my answer... filling the gap to assist not only finding physical health, but ALL aspects of our lives that affect our state of well being. I understand the stresses of jobs with high demands, the constant pressure of being an entrepreneur, AND how to take good care of this body you walk around in!

More about me

Green Tea all day every day

I really love...


drink of choice

red wine

my fav hobby


Swim with the dolphins in New Zealand

On My Bucket List…

Spend a month traveling in the Scandinavia

On My Bucket List...

Have Yoga with Adrienne on my Podcast

On My Bucket List...

Visit Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Rose Farm for a Mega Mastermind Retreat

On My Bucket List...

I love seeing people shine from the inside when they realize life doesn’t have to be drama and constant struggle and fatigue and anxiety and burn out and all the things we know we don’t way! My mission is to help as many people as I can to create a life that fills them up because when we are happier and healthier that will spread out to our families, our communities, our countries... heck why not the whole darn planet!! (Yes, I dream big!)

When you can create a life that aligns with you and what you want then you can BECOME exactly the person you were meant to be.

I’m here to help others create their best lives

my mission


Gin and Tonic


Anything in Purple!


Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

vacation spot

Baja, Mexico


Homemade Pizza

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