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Why is coaching growing so popular?

Coaching is gaining popularity in business because it is one of the most cost effective ways of making people, and organisations more effective. It demonstrates the commitment of the business to their people and avoids costly recruitment and retraining.
It is growing popular generally because people now expect to be able to do more, and to fulfil their dreams and goals, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. A coach helps people to do that. A coach is someone committed to your advancement and well-being.


Individuals will be clear about what they want from life. They will go after it with passion, because they have cleared away the obstacles that blocked them.
They will have a more satisfying and happier life in every aspect. Professionally, they will be more effective and skilled at their work and get better results.


Everyone and anyone. Organisations hire coaches to improve teamwork, to coach executives and help managers. Individuals hire coaches to improve their life, their relationships, and their general happiness.

What should I look for in a coach?

There are several things you might consider when you're looking for a coach.
While not comprehensive here are a few things you might want to think about:
Certification - Is your coach certified and does the certifying body have a code of ethics?
Experience - What kind of experience does your coach have? Do they have an area of expertise?
What kind of support does your coach have? - Does your coach have their own coach?
Everyone needs their own support system including your coach!


For some, coaching can be a big investment in you and your goals so you want to make sure you get the most possible from your investment!
Some ways to make sure you maximize your investment: Identify your goals and/or area of focus.
Try to be ready for your sessions with an area of focus or intention.
Keep a journal or take notes from your sessions as well as what is going on between sessions. This will help you self-reflect and possibly help you find areas you'd like to focus on for your coaching sessions.
Be open - To make changes in life you will need to be open and honest with your coach so they can help you get to what is "real".
Be prepared to be challenged - Your coach will ask you powerful questions and challenge your thinking to help you see other possibilities.
Your coach is there to support, encourage and challenge you and hold you accountable to yourself in achieving your goals.
Expect change - to accomplish your goals you will very likely need to take intentional effort to change your behaviour, mindset or beliefs - and your coach should be there to support you through the process.

How long does someone see a coach for?

The length of time for your coaching program depends on your goals, your resources and your ability to commit to the process.
You may start with a single focused goal in which case your coaching would often starts with an endpoint in mind.
This helps to keep the sessions focused and maintain your motivation.
You may also find as you work that having a coach helps you with ongoing support in working towards your ongoing goals.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy is often focused in the past to gain insight on current challenges and to work through any past issues.
Coaching is future and goal focused work, that is often finite in length.
Coaching does not ignore the past or it's influence but rather focuses on plotting a new course forward.

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