Go from dreaming to doing and create your vision

Create your vision for 2024
Attend this transformational Visioning Workshop to help guide you to moving from surviving to thriving.

  • Rediscover Your Happiness: Dive deep into discussions about your unique challenges. Learn how to reignite that inner spark and bring joy back into your daily life. 

  • Craft Your Clear Vision: Unleash the power of envisioning your future. Witness inspiring success stories and embrace the life changing impact a well-defined vision can have.

  • Personalized Plans for Success: Break down your dreams into achievable milestones. Walk away with a concrete plan tailored to your ambitions, ready to make 2024 your best year yet.

 Elevate Your Life and stop just surviving
you deserve everything that life has to offer

"My experience at Heather's Visioning Workshop was OVER THE TOP amazing.

It was unlike anything I had ever done before.  I had an idea of my goals and I had an idea of my direction, but Heather's workshop took me straight LIKE AN ARROW to what is most important to me.

I was clearly able to see what actions are most effective to achieve my goals and the happiness I seek.  There are a lot of things I was doing that I like, but don't love. There are a lot of things that I was planning to do out of habit or without consciously considering if they are the right actions for me.

I will make this an annual exercise. To me it is way above vision boarding."  -- Karen A.

Heather is a Real Life Coach who helps Overwhelmed Overachievers create balance and clarity so they can BECOME who they were meant to be and live their best lives.

Her mission is to help change the world by spreading joy with people living fuller and fulfilling lives. She is a corporate dropout turned well-preneur and loves spending time camping and kayaking in Northern Ontario.

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