Let me guess. . . It’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve set intentions, maybe even got to some actions. But you’ve had setbacks, “failures”, or life just got in the way. And you need a bit of encouragement to get back on the road to happiness and health.

My FREE Thriving Life Roadmap will reinvigorate your journey without the overwhelm, I promise!

Are you in a rut? 

Know you need change, but it’s overwhelming to just START?

Get YOur free thriving life map!

    I’m sure at some point in your day-to-day life you’ve used a GPS to try to determine your exact location and directions to the next stop on your journey. (As an avid kayak tripper, I love this tool!)

    Imagine if you could use a GPS in your personal life? Well, I’ve reverse-engineered one for you by experimenting on myself!

    I was a well-paid, but overwhelmed 15-year Finance Executive. Now I'm a Wellness Advocate and Coach living life to the fullest!

    I did it using (what I now call) my Thriving Life Method, and so can you!

    I once was where you are. I worked a corporate job and had everything I was supposed to have to be “successful” but... I didn't have any time for myself, I didn't feel fulfilled and I wasn't happy!

    I've spent the last 20 years trying to figure it all out with multiple career changes, pivots and health-scares. While I can’t say I’ve “arrived” (that’s work of a lifetime), I can say I have a system that helps me to live fully and resiliently – no matter what my circumstances are.

    I’ve tested it. In 2021 I had a stroke. In 2023 I went on a bucket-list adventure to Egypt and I broke my wrist in multiple places and had to use health care without speaking the language.

    This system WORKS!

    I want to help you so that you can get there faster than I did!

    Let's get you on the road to creating your best, most resilient life with the totally free Thriving Life Roadmap.

      By taking a closer look at six areas in our life, we get a map that spells out BECOME. These are all areas that you can leverage for a happier, more fulfilling life. They form the pillars of my Thriving Life Method.

      1. Body - Your physical wellness
      2. Emotion - Your emotional wellness
      3. Community - Your relationship wellness
      4. Occupation - Your professional wellness
      5. Money - Your financial wellness
      6. Engagement - Your spiritual/purposeful wellness

      In this Thriving Life Roadmap, you’ll be introduced to all 6 of these areas with Journal prompts to help you explore each. There’s also a Quiz that will help you narrow down which area is the best area to start for the greatest impact on your present life.

      Are you convinced yet? Yes? Great!

      The Thriving Life Roadmap

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